SOTU Response Part 6: Education: Take It Down, Start Again

January 26, 2011   |   Tags: ,


The educational system is beyond broken in this country, and for some reason, liberals and democrats think that if we take a system that’s broken down, and just feed it more money, then eventually it will hit some kind of magic tipping point and everything will work.

That’s akin to taking a car with  sputtering engine, old oil, clogged air filters, bad sparkplugs, and filling up the gas tank. It won’t make any difference, but that’s what they do – they figure that once we hit the “right” amount of funding, everything will magically work. Well, you and I know that won’t happen.

We need to basically get the government out of the education business. We need to sell off all of the assets and return them to private companies. We need to take all of that money that we have stolen from parents and taxpayers everywhere and return it to them, so that those parents can pay for their kids education themselves.

There is nothing in the Constitution which states that the state needs to provide a level of public/free education. That was started way after our founding, by an administration who was alarmed by the level of basic education of the children. Nowadays, keeping the children in these schools is more dangerous than home schooling. I saw blow the system up, let the real stakeholders: the student, the parents and the teachers call the shots, NOT the government and the unions, who have been running things into the ground.

One more thing: Obama connects innovation to education, as in the more education you have, the more chance you will innovate. That’s hogwash. There is no connection between innovation, education and success. You can be a college dropout and be incredibly successful, or a Ivy League student and be broke and a failure. Look at Bill Gates, for one example.

This is Part 6 of my 6 Part Response to Obama’s State of the Union Address. Read the other parts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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