Snow = Warming

February 3, 2011   |   Tags: , , , , , ,

What a scam. A huge storm blankets most of America, and the first thing that the politicians say is “See: Global Warming”. One twitter wit said it this way:

Snow = Global Warming, Heat = Global Warming. Rain = Global Warming, Hail = Global Warming …

I think you get the picture: every time we have any kind of extreme weather, the politicians and their ilk call out global warming. The reality is this: weather changes all the time. We’ve had storms like this since we started tracking the weather, way back when.

The truth is: short of a global thermonuclear war, mankind cannot affect the Earth on the scale it would need to be affected at in order to create any kind of real climate change. I call this: We Are A Pimple On Mother Nature’s Ass.

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