So what does government do again?

February 7, 2011   |  

I’m a little confused about the role of government in people’s lives. I mean, all levels, from municipal to federal.

In Ohio, a young boy has been taken from his mother’s home for being morbidly obese. The threat to his life wasn’t imminent. It takes years for obesity to create health issues that can cause death. But child services felt that this was a form of abuse/neglect, so they swooped in and took him away.

Then we have South Fulton, Tennessee. If your house is on fire, your regular property taxes don’t include fire service. So you’re shit outta luck unless you paid into some kind of county protection racket. Fire, unlike obesity, is an imminent danger. And what other purpose does county government serve, if not to pave the roads, man the sewage and service the fire trucks?

Somehow, somewhere along the line, we skewed our priorities. Or we allowed the various levels of government to skew them with our ok.

Too bad there wasn’t a fat kid in the house. Maybe the fire department would have done something.


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