Which Two Things Actively Kill Innovation & Entrepreneurship

February 8, 2011   |  
If you get right down to it, there are two core constituents who work consistently to suppress innovation and entrepreneurship. These two groups are powerful and have a vested interest in keeping everything going in exactly the same way. The status quo is their power.
These two groups work hand in hand to ensure that innovation and entrepreneurship are crushed at every turn:
  • Unions – any new business venture is a threat to the power of the union. The unions have had years in power, their strength and clout far overreaching their original mission to protect the rights of the workers in the union.
  • Governments – and new business venture is a threat to the control of the government. The state survives on control, and when new business ventures which challenge the status quo are formed, and possibly return some of this power to the people, they attempt to crush that effect as quickly as possible

Generally, if we break up this unholy alliance, then innovation and entrepreneurship would blossom. Unfortunately, the Obama administration reinforces this alliance, instead of helping to break it apart.

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