Trump Wows CPAC – Part 1

February 11, 2011   |  
Trump At CPAC

Interesting. I was enthralled listening to Trump at CPAC. I never thought that The Donald was particularly conservative, in fact I think I recall that he supported Obama in the last presidential election. Or maybe that was just because he was, like most of us, unhappy with the alternatives.

Anyways, Trump takes the stage, gives a powerful, rousing speech – speaks about fiscal issues –  touches on a few social issues – talks about returning America to greatness. He sounded pretty good. He definitely has the celebrity and star power to go up against Barack Hussein Obama.

My only issue with Trump: I don’t know if I truly believe where he stands. As a businessman, he should understand how to grow the economy. But as one who probably dealt for favors from government, I’d put him in as more of a corporatist than a true capitalist.

Bottom line: Not sure I can trust him to stay the course.

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