Like An Abusive Spouse

February 14, 2011   |  

I came to thinking the other day that governments all over the world are a bit like abusive, narcissistic spouses. As in those relationships, the abusive spouse goes through all of these phases in order to attempt to make the spouse “love them” – like giving them jewelry and material goods (welfare programs, health care, etc ) and then once they have been wooed into a loving state, they then start smacking them around. Then the cycle continues.

Like an abusive spouse, governments everywhere abuse their people, then wonder why the people don’t love them and want more of them.

Dealing with that kind of spouse really only have one solution: divorce. But how do we “divorce” from our own government? Force it into as small a box as possible, take away as much of its power as you can, starve it for funds, put it on a diet. Unlike a person, the state has no soul or feelings, should it should be easy to put it back in its place.

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