Does Obama Actually Want Lower Unemployment?

February 15, 2011   |  

Sometimes I wonder, with the actions that this administration is taking against the American people, that Obama really wants to reduce unemployment.

I mean, did someone forget to tell him that, like golf, (which he is intimately familiar with) that a LOWER number is better than a higher number? Maybe all of this time he thought we should be shooting for a higher number?

Well, maybe some of this is not a joke: if you think about it: the more people that are on the dole in some way or another, the less and less have the skills and motivation to find a job: when you have been out of work for 1, 2, or 3+ years, you have adjusted to life on unemployment or welfare.

The more and more people who gain their lifestyle from the state, the more and more people will what to continue to support the state. If the government is paying you, why would you want to do anything to bite the hand that feeds you? The ultimate goal is to enlarge the welfare state as much as possible, so a higher unemployment number for him is actually a Good Thing.

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