The President Who Hated America The Most

February 18, 2011   |  

If you want to call the Obama administration a historic presidency, you’d be wrong to say its because he’s the first black president, I mean: 1) he’s multiracial 2) I thought Bill Clinton was the first black president. No, this Presidency is historic due to his deep hatred of America.

So you say: Future, what’s your evidence. Two major things, one from a while back and one from today. Do you remember when Arizona decided to do something about illegal immigration and passed a law to let cops ask people who they thought were illegals for their papers and if they were found to be illegal, work to have them charged and deported? Well, Obama both sued Arizona, AND reported them to the United Nations as a violation of human rights.

It has now come to light that the protests in Wisconsin for more government perks and entitlements for government workers is being supported and orchestrated by Obama’s own organization, Organizing For America. Has any other President in the course of our history, ever undertaken such bold acts of undermining our republic, not to mention all of the unconstitutional laws that he is forcing on us?

When you look at all the evidence, its difficult to see him as anything other than the most hateful American president. And that hate is directed right at the ideals of America, and the American people.

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