No Gas or Trains. How Do We Get To Work? Part 1

February 23, 2011   |  
No Gas Or Trains. How Do We Get To Work?

As I mentioned in my previous post, Obama is purposely forcing gas prices higher, probably to support the regimes in the Middle East, partly to force more people of the roads and out of their cars and into public transit and other high speed rail boondoggles.

I take the train to work once or twice a week here, mostly so that I can blog and relax instead of fight traffic. Due to budget shortages in California, they are looking at cutting the numbers of trains down by half, and shutting down most stations between San Jose and San Francisco. One of the stations that is due to close is the one near my office. Additionally, if they do this, the trains will be packed to capacity.

Gas too expensive to drive. Trains unavailable to take. What, is Obama trying to drive us into unemployment and welfare?

Continued in Part 2

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