Why Do People Like Obama?

March 3, 2011   |  

In a recent poll, it was reported that people LIKE President Obama, but disapprove of his policies. So I ask you: what is it about Obama that’s so likable? Is this some kind of collective hallucination that this man is so wonderful as a person – not even as a leader? I mean seriously, what is it about the man that you like so much? His haughty attitude? His dismissiveness of ideas other than his own? His endless vacations in Hawaii and on the golf course while the country’s economy falters? His holding parties at the White House, serving $100 an ounce Wagyu steak while unemployment rates and mortgage defaults soar?  Really, I’d like to know. Or is it just because people are afraid to be labelled as a racist if they say they don’t like him? I think its the latter. I wrote in my book that “Obama is a word that makes white people smile” – I think that the reason people like Obama because, as a black man, he reflects progressive attitudes towards race. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with his personality or how he acts, its all about how he looks. Well, my friends, let’s be totally honest here, would you still like him as much if he were white? If he were John Kerry, would we be cutting him so much slack? If we were truly honest with ourselves, we’d just stand up and say: We don’t like the man, and his policies. If we totally take his race out of the equation, really, what’s there to like? Please – if you have insight here – let me know in the comments below.

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