Fighting Tooth And Nail For Government Waste

March 5, 2011   |  
Fighting Tooth And Nail For Government Waste

Fighting Tooth And Nail For Government Waste: The GAO report has come out and once again, its more insane that ever before. The amount of waste and overlapping government programs in mind bending. There is one place where no less than 80 programs and departments do the exact same thing. And that is just one example. At the same time, the Democrats are fighting like crazy to keep all of the current spending and add even more to it, when the reality is that if we could just eliminate a fraction of the waste and duplication as outlined in the report, we’d be much better off. No, the Democrats prefer to fight on ideological lines, rather fight for every last current penny, even the ridiculously wasteful ones. I mean, do you really need any further proof that all they care about is driving their ideology, and nothing about making things better? They’d rather see us go down in flames and adopt their failed ideology of the past, than survive.

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