Billions Of Our Money Wasted On The Volt: An Utter Failure

March 8, 2011   |  

Billions of our money wasted on the Chevy Volt: An utter failure. By all accounts, the new hybrid electric, or electric with gas assist care – or whatever they are calling it, has been an utter and dismal failure. Instead of selling the thousands that they expected to, once it was launched, they’ve barely sold a few hundred. It’s been a complete failure so far. As per most government programs. While GM is supposedly a private company, the Chevy Volt is a direct result of billions of dollars dropped into GM by the federal government, keeping them afloat, on the condition that it build these kinds of cars. Cars that no one wants to buy, apparently. So not only is the car a failure, we are out of pocket may billions of taxpayer dollars. Next up, a subsidy, funded by our tax dollars, to try and sell these lemons. Government is simply one fail after another.

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