NPR Should Get No More Taxpayer Funding

March 8, 2011   |  

Yes: NPR should get no more taxpayer funding. It’s beyond time NPR and PBS were spun off to fend for themselves. There is no need or room for any kind of public broadcasting any longer. I personally am sick and tired of my hard earned tax dollars going to promote viewpoints which I completely disagree with. If there truly is enough demand for this programming, then I say throw it out into the private market and we’ll see if it can survive. Nows the time to pare our government back down to its core principles, and I highly doubt that public broadcasting would have been part of the founders vision, even if it were around back then.

The congressional effort to end federal funding for NPR received new impetus Tuesday after a video surfaced of an executive who was the public-radio network’s top fundraising official when he made controversial remarks about Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party movement.

via NPR Should Get No More Taxpayer Funding: House GOP’s Cantor : It’s All Politics : NPR.

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