Has Anyone Been Denied An ObamaCare Waiver?

March 9, 2011   |  
Has Anyone Been Denied An ObamaCare Waiver?

This is a good question: has anyone been denied an ObamaCare Waiver? Rush Limbaugh the other day said that this may be being done on purpose in order to force ObamaCare to fail, so that we would need to bring in a single payer system. I think that there might be some truth to that: the Obama administration just granted a waiver to the entire state of Maine. So it got me wondering: has anyone, so far, been denied a waiver for ObamaCare? I mean, that would be a key indicator that the originators of the legislation never intended it to be a success or even really work: if there are enough waivers granted, then there is no way the plan can be funded, and will there do down in defeat. Whereupon the Obama administration will likely throw its hands up, say “we tried” and begin to draft single-payer legislation.

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