NPR Needs To Be Defunded And Privatized, Right Now

March 9, 2011   |  

Even though its not a huge chunk of budget, I believe that we need to immediately spin out – or privatize (which I guess is the public version of “spin out”)- NPR, PBS, and any other media properties which the state is currently funding. This is not just in response to one of the heads at NPR calling the Tea Party racist (boy, I have to tell you that I’m getting really sick and tired of these liberals throwing around the term racism when the Tea Party movement is purely FISCAL, and fiscal issue affect everyone regardless of skin color) but for two reasons a) we can’t afford to pay for them anymore and b) it’s just not right for the state to force people to fund, via taxpayers money, promotions of viewpoints that they disagree with. How would a gay marriage activist feel if the government started promoting straight marriage? See what I mean? If you ask me, ones political views are personal issues as well, and if people wish to spend money promoting their beliefs, then more power to them Just don’t steal my money and use it to promote ideals I DO NOT believe it.

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