Another Day, Another Gas Price Increase

March 10, 2011   |  

I was at the pump again yesterday morning, noticed that the price of gas had gone up another 10 cents since I fill it up last, just a mere few days ago. Well, I guess its still way below what Obama wants us to pay for gas, so that’s probably why he isn’t doing anything about it, like releasing more areas to be drilled on our own soil. Apparently, we don’t subscribe to the “drill, baby, drill” policy (yes, its true someone in the Obama admin – I think it was the energy secretary – actually said that), so our gas prices have a long way to rise before they get to where Obama feels they might be something he should do something about. This simply further underscores his feeling towards Americans, which range from utter disregard to contempt. Why I think he’s back on the golf course again right now, enjoying his day, while we work hard so that he can have these days, and we have to do without them.

Oh BTW, looks like Obama is calling a press conference to discuss this. How much do you want to bet that it will be the same story over again: renewable blah blah blah. He has no concern for us, whatsoever.

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