Must Everything The Mainstream Media Report Be Biased?

March 14, 2011   |  

Amid the devastation in Japan, it seems that all reporting must now be politicized by the mainstream media. As the earthquake and tsunami swept over Japan, pundits blamed man-made global warming – although how global warming can be connected to an earthquake is beyond me. As the nuclear plants begin to fail due to the earthquake, possibly leading to meltdown, pundits decried nuclear power. In fact, the nuclear scientists have spoken up, saying that the mainstream media is purposely reporting far worse conditions in order to help foster panic about nuclear power. Somedays it seems like they wont be happy until we are riding our bikes to a farm for work. What kind of society would be ideal for these people? Amish? 7th century Islam? I mean, how much of our modern civilization would they strip back in order to map to their fanatical ideology? Or do they just want us paying for the privilege of living in the modern world.

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