My Visit To Left Wing Land, Part 3

March 14, 2011   |  
My Visit To Left Wing Land

As usual, I got the “you are a hateful Bush lover” insults, asking where the Tea Party and Libertarians were while Bush was wrecking things: I replied that libertarians had always been around (I mean the libertarian party has been around since 1971, libertarian thought since before America was formed) and never really liked Bush either. He may have been fine for the first little while, but after 9/11, all that changed. Plus the Tea Party formed mostly in response to the Bush bailouts, and simply continued during the Obama bailouts. The old saw, that the Tea Party was organized by corporate interests, was hauled out yet again, and I countered with “you really think corporations are behind a movement which slams corporate handouts?” Plus corporations are about as bad as governments when it comes to conspiracy, I doubt that they have the ability to pull one off.

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