Why Is Obama So Disconnected?

March 16, 2011   |  

I’ll give you one good reason why Obama is so disconnected: IT’S RE-ELECTION TIME! Thats right folks: lets take all of those pending current hot issues which are affecting America and the world: high unemployment, high gas prices, high taxes, revolution in the Middle East, disasters in Japan, a failed education system, skyrocketing spending, a job killing socialized healthcare plan and put them aside: its time to campaign! Put away those golf clubs, Barack, its time for the real work to begin. Like I’ve said, this guy is a total YAP (Yet Another Politician) he lives for power and money. I’m sure that he’ll start the charm offensive again, bring on nearly a billion in campaign funds from people like George Soros, and attempt to make the people forget what a failure he has been. Too bad, this time there is no George W. Bush to blame things on.

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