927 – Hot Potato War – One World Government – Careening Towards Insolvency

March 23, 2011   |  

On Today’s Show:

  • Its a Hot Potato War: not even a few days into the conflict in Libya, our Where’s Barack president is in the midst of an alliance which is falling apart. With no leadership, it will fail. I say we either step up or go home.
  • Ron Paul calls out Obama on him going to the UN instead of Congress in order to go to war. He should have gone to Congress. Thats the law. But since Obama believes in one world government over sovereign states, he feel that he can just start a war on a whim without Congressional approval. To Obama, the UN is more important than the US government
  • Here we are in a 3rd war, even though we can scarcely afford a 1st and 2nd war. Are the new rules of engagement humanitarian missions? If so, there are at least 5 other countries we should be going into for that same reason. Like Sudan. Like Yemen. What is our mission in Libya

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