Tearing Capitalism Down

March 24, 2011   |  

Recently a high ranking SEIU member was caught on tape talking about how to tear down capitalism. Now I don’t know if this guy really understands that a) its not something that you can tear down so easily and b) capitalism is embedded in all of life so you really can’t extract it from humanity. Basically he admitted, on tape, that both unions and community organizing were on their way out (which I agree with and I’m sure that you agree with as well) and that they need to make a big bold gesture in order to stay relevant – notice that this is not about supporting the workers anymore but is all about keeping themselves afloat. His plan was to tell everyone to just default on all of their loans. That they should basically just steal the things that they are paying for by simply not paying for them. Once enough people do this, he says, then the whole system will collapse. Nice,eh? And apparently this guy has been to visit the White House more than any other visitor. Wonder if he is conspiring with Obama do to just that. It would explain Obama’s actions towards the economy.

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