928 – We Have To Take America Back – Obama Must Lose

March 25, 2011   |  

On Today’s Show:

  • We Must defeat Obama in 2012, otherwise we will lose her
  • Yes, We Did, must now give way to Yikes, Better Undo
  • Instead of uplifting America, he tears us down. He has done more to destroy America in the last 2.5 years than almost any other politician. He isn’t even interested in winning. How can he be re-electable after what he has done. The only way we can re-elect him is if we forget everything that he has done to wreck us. We would have to forget every single fact of this guys presidency in order to re-elect him. Is there really any way we can lose this next election?
  • Birth certificate Trump brings it up and the shrill harpies on the View attack him
  • I don’t care if our next leader is American or puce, as long as he can lead us back to prosperity?
  • Let’s pronounce Obama king (he’s always wanted to be king), so let’s appoint him King Of Liars

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