How We Could Re-Elect Obama

March 25, 2011   |  

How could we re-elect Obama? Because he is cool and awesome, that’s how! I mean, seriously, after all he has done over the last 2.5 years, driving America further down the path of mediocrity, both internally and internationally, driving the debt to stratospheric levels, instead of pulling us back from the two failed wars we were already in, dragging us as a bit player, funding more of it, into a third war, how can we even think he is re-electable. It would have to take a Men In Black memory eraser type device in order to completely wipe out the last 3 years. Or we just take our capacity to reason and think, put it on a shelf somewhere, and simply re-elect him cause we’ve been swept up into some kind of renewed mob, kind of like the first time. If that happens, RESIST PEOPLE! We have to stay the course and kick him out if we have any hope of returning America to its founding vision.

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