Obama Flip-Flops Again

March 30, 2011   |  

Let me ask you something: why is it that when John Kerry changed his mind on something “I voted for it, until I voted against it” and is labelled a flip-flopper unable to lead, that we can’t label Obama with the exact same brush? I mean, look at this

Raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.

Which is what Obama said in 2006. And now he, as President is, looking at raising the debt limit. So he is basically saying, through his actions, that he is a failure as a leader? He flip-flopped on war in Libya, he flip-flopped on prosecuting those intimidating Black Panthers, he flip-flopped on DOMA, I mean where’s Obama’s Top Ten Flip-Flop Video?

via Quotes of the day « Hot Air.

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