Where Are The Libyan Dead Tickers?

March 31, 2011   |  
Where Are The Libyan Dead Tickers?

When the Iraq and Afghan wars were in full swing, and Bush II was President, every leftist liberal site has an Iraq War Dead ticker, counting both Iraqi and American lives lost during that conflict. Now that we have a “moral” war, excuse me, kinetic military action, started by a Democrat president, for some reason those tickers, which were ubiquitous during the reign of Bush II, seem to not exist. I wonder why? Is it because the Libya dead do not deserve remembrance as much as Iraqi or Afghan dead? Is it because, unlike the wars of Bush II, this war was started by one of the progressives own? Come on, DailyKos and Huffington Post, where are your trackers for the Libyan dead?  Surely, anyone dying in any conflict is a horrible thing.

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