932 – Obama Announces His 2012 Re-Election Campaign

April 4, 2011   |  
Obama 2012 Logo

On Today’s Show:

  • Obama kicks off his 2012 campaign. I suppose he may have some time for it between golf and starting new wars.
  • Let’s see: why don’t we compare where America was in 2008 to where America is today. Take that reason which you put on the shelf when you joined the mob voting for Obama back in 2008 and put it back in your head. Let’s really think about it this time: now that we can compare the years Before Obama, or 1 B.O. with the year 3 A.O. (our current year by the old, outmoded Judeo-Christian calendar) are we really in a better place due to our lord and saviors leadership? Are our gas and mortgage being paid for by the state? Are we in a better job now than we were in 2008? Are gas prices cheaper than they were in 2008?
  • Also, lets compare what Obama says to what he does. Is he a post-racial President? No, he practices racism against whites. Is he a post-partisan President? No, he still fights the other side bitterly. Is he a anti-war President? We had 2 wars, now we have 3. How may more will he start?
  • Looks at the facts: Do we deserve four more years? Four more Wars? Four More Dollars A Gallon?

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