Government Shutdown Is Not The End Of The World

April 5, 2011   |  

You know that government shutdown is not the end of the world, right? I mean, I remember even when I was back in Canada, the Premier (read Governor) or the province (read state) that I used to live in instituted days where workers were given days off without pay in order to save money. These days were called “Rae Days” after the Premiers last name, and resulted in a ton of savings for the government. Even here in California, Arnold had to initiate “furlough” days, where government offices and businesses were closed, like libraries, schools, DMVs etc. He saved a ton of money then. It’s not that big a deal. It even occurred under the Clinton regime. So why not just just it down for say a week, two weeks, a month or so? Just think of all the money we’d save. It’s only progressives who believe it’s the end of the world. They also believe that government is a free warm blanket which protects you from all the bad things in life from cradle to grave. Yeah, right.

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