The $4T Appetizer: GOP Finally Delivers A Reasonable Budget

April 5, 2011   |  

Rep. Paul Ryan finally delivered a reasonable budget. While the Democrats and the other GOP members were hemming and hawing over miniscule cuts, like $20B here, and $70B there, and even Rand Paul’s proposal of $500B really is too small. Ryan’s $4T of cuts are reasonable, and hack at the very problem which truly needs to be addressed: do we really need as much government as we have? The question is if we need it at all, not at what level it should be funded at. He is asking the fundamental questions which must be asked, the same questions Ron Paul has been asking for years. Let’s hope that the rest of the GOP fall in line and support the first reasonable budget our side has produced. Let’s press our representatives to push for it all the way. Make our voices heard, loud and clear.

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