Facebook Friends Obama: As A Libertarian, Tea Partier or Conservative, Should You Worry?

April 7, 2011   |  

I noticed the other day that Obama’s first major in-person campaign appearance will be at Facebook HQ out here in the San Francisco bay area. That Mark Zuckerberg, the head honcho over there, seems to be in a double plus like for our lord and savior. So the question is, how long do you think it will be before we, that is the anti-obama-policies, are censored by Facebook. If you ask me, its only a matter of time before our stuff is either censored, or re-ranked so low that it will be very difficult to find. This is the same thing that happened on Google and YouTube during the 2008 election cycle. If you recall, there were a number of bloggers, podcasters and video bloggers who were kicked off of YouTube due to their anti-Obama views. That the huge cadre of paid Obama operatives flooded the site, and continually flagged videos which were simply free speech of users debunking his policies. Should we worry? Not initially, but if we start getting reports that our speech is being suppressed by Facebook, we should take steps to have other avenues in case we need to use them.

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