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April 8, 2011   |  
Obama: President Of The World

The other day there was a CNN poll which asked, “Do you think Obama should only be a one-term president”. Drudge reported it as a “Shock Poll: Most think Obama should be a one term president.” I don’t know about you but I don’t see it as all that shocking.

In Obama’s first few years, he’s gone from one of the highest approval ratings to one of the lowest. The only thing he has done is taken more money out of our wallets and reduced our freedoms. He has spent a ton of our money and we have gotten nothing in return: unemployment is still high, the recession is still driving people out of jobs, and the health care bill, which will irreparably damage both the finances and the culture of our country was rammed through.

Personally, I don’t think that Obama feels that he needs to be more than a one term president. Since he does not believe in American exceptionalism, then being the President of the US is simply a stepping stone to something much greater, perhaps a new position, like President Of The World, specifically developed for the wonderfulness which is our lord and savior.

Don’t you think? I mean look at all the international posturing during the campaign. The “Citizen of the World” comment that he made at that speech in Berlin. I mean, have you ever, ever seen a mere politician, no matter the stripe, foster such adulation? It was literally an incredible moment, where one could wonder about the future of the human race when so many of its members simply shelve their reason and submit to mob-love.

In that adulation, both in Berlin and in the scenes after it, the millions who descended upon DC for his inauguration, the free pass everyone seemed to give this guy, it was literally astonishing. Its little wonder someone like Hitler could come to power and cause all of the pain and suffering and death that he did, if the human race really has not progressed beyond that.

That is what I saw: sure Obama is a megalomaniac with an ego the size of Jupiter, but the human race let it happen. In all that sea of humanity, how many of those people actually thought to themselves “Why am I here? Why are all these people here? And what really makes this guy so special?” How many of those millions thought that before the election. This was like a mass hallucination. And if we are susceptible to that, what of the human race’s future?

But I digress. This nugget is on Obama as a one term president. With the disdain that he treats America and Americans, I would think that it’s not really shocking to anyone that he has set his sights on something higher – well at least he thinks its higher – that the presidency of the most powerful country in the world. Funny though, considering that he wants so desperately to destroy that power, why would anyone want him? He got this country in a beaten state, and instead of healing it, he kicked it even harder. And he continues to kick it, and will keep kicking it, until he is voted out of office in 2012.

But he’ll probably say, at that time, oh well, and move up the ladder to the next role, which is only higher since he’s brought America down to a level below.

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