Trump: Stirring The Pot

April 18, 2011   |  

It’s funny. I used to be a huge fan of Donald Trump, the showman/host of the Apprentice. I used to watch both that and Survivor (I know! – but I’m much better now) and note that there was a big difference between the two programs, that at least with the Apprentice you (supposedly) won due to your skills and wits, instead of being stabbed in the back. At least it gave the appearance of a meritocracy. And maybe, just maybe, with someone like Donald at the helm, or at least stirring the pot up, we may get some interesting dirt sticking to our Teflon lord and savior. Any help we need to get him booted out next election I’m all for. So even though sometimes he seems a little off the wall, I say, if whatever he is doing helps to rid us of Obama come next November, go for it.

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