BunkerBook Sample Chapter: America: Not On Prozac

April 19, 2011   |  
The BunkerBook

This is a sample chapter from The BunkerBook: Nuggets Of Liberty From The Freedom Bunker

America, Not On Prozac

Many people opine that America is a harsh place. That if you don’t have a job, that if you don’t have a home or skill, or if you are disadvantaged in any way, that it’s very difficult to survive and to flourish. It’s easy to get by if you have a job, your health insurance is paid for, and you can live your life in relative peace. But, if something goes wrong, there is no “safety net” to catch you. When you fail in America, you fail spectacularly.

On the flip side, however, you can also succeed incredibly. The same lack of safety net at the bottom of the ladder also means that there is no limit to what you can achieve. So in the other direction, there is nothing holding you back. You can be a spectacular success, or a spectacular failure.

And unless the Obama administration changes something radically, that is one of the awesome things about America.

I liken it to Prozac. If you know anything about Prozac, or any of those anti-depressants for that matter, they work by softening the peaks and valleys of people’s moods. Think of peoples moods like a sine wave: you can be really happy (peak of wave) or really sad (valley of wave), or somewhere in between. Being in between is kind of where your doctor wants you to be. So when they developed Prozac, what it did was chop off the really low moods, and the really high moods, effectively putting a ceiling on the happiness, but also putting a floor on the sadness, which is more important anyways.

So what does this have to do with politics? Simple. In other countries, it’s like they took a giant Prozac: sure they catch you if you fail spectacularly, via the “safety net” programs, like welfare. But they also stop people from succeeding spectacularly, but purposely chopping down the most successful, by taxing them very heavily. Thus, these countries, while they may stop you from failing, they also stop you from succeeding.

This is a risk, for sure. One of the biggest reasons America is so successful, in every way, is that its people get the opportunity to be an amazing success. Sure, it comes at the risk of possibly being a colossal failure, but at least here you get that chance. Everywhere else, if you are a success, they tear you down. They penalize success.

And if we aren’t careful, they will do the exact same thing to America.

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