Bin Laden Dead

May 4, 2011   |  

While I was away, not much seemed to happen that was newsworthy: apparently Obama released his long form birth certificate, supposedly proving once and for all that he is an American citizen. As I mentioned before, in this blog and on my show, it didn’t really matter to me. In fact, in some cases, immigrants have a deeper commitment to the original American founding ideals than natural born citizens do nowadays, at least we understand what kind of hell its like to live under a socialist regime, and how we would never wish to bring anything like that here. Oh yeah, and apparently, there was some wedding in England, or one “royal” type person to another. Ho Hum. But then the news came down late Sunday that Bin Laden was dead. We had finally, after 10 long years, found him and, in George W. Bush’s words “brought him to justice”. Now over the next few days and week, we will slowly get the full story on how it happened.

If you’ve been a long time listener of my show or blog reader, then you know that my ex’s brother and sister were both killed in the attacks on September 11th, 2001. They were both in the World Trade Center when it collapsed. Not heroes, but good people who died really for nothing. When I heard the news that Bin Laden was dead, I did not feel great joy. I did not feel like celebrating. Nothing would bring back those two good people, and Bin Laden’s demise was not going to change that either. Did I feel any closure? Not really, because the sensibility which was behind the attacks is far more insidious. It’s not something that can just be killed off when one man dies. It is a mindset, an attitude. It’s not a Muslim mindset or attitude, but the murderers and terrorists who hold this attitude use Islam to further their ends.

In reality, is bin Laden’s death a cause for rejoicing? Perhaps. One general on their side was taken out. But there are legions of others there to take his place. The cancer cannot be simply cut out by removing one polyp, even if it’s a large one. We need aggressive chemotherapy, in the form of freedom and capitalism in order to finally control this beast.

In short: it is oppressive government regimes everywhere which cause the conditions for this to occur. As long as there are oppressive regimes out there which make the lives of humans hell, then those people will always look for a way out.  Yes, folks, its all goes back to government intervention in our lives, whether its ours, Iraq’s, Afghanistan’s, or Saudi Arabia’s.

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