bin Laden Shot, Photographic Proof!

May 4, 2011   |  

So will Obama eventually  release the photo of Osama bin Laden, dead at the hand of America Navy SEALS, under pressure that it was all faked in order to bolster his electoral chances? Or will he simply hold on to the photo until just before the election and release it for political gain? Or will he spend millions suppressing the photo like he did his birth certificate? Hah. If he knows what good for him, politically, he should release the photo. I think most Americans have a pretty healthy mistrust of government. And we need to see the evidence. This rapid fire burial at sea is suspect. Plus, many who supported bin Laden now say that he wasn’t killed, that this guy was someone else, and that bin Laden lives on, like an evil Elvis, in the hearts and minds of those who hate. I say, release the damn thing already, why not prove that this is “the most transparent administration ever” in deeds and not just in words.

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