Why Not Ron Paul?

May 12, 2011   |  
Ron Paul(ish) For President

I have to say that these conservative pundits, with their knee-jerk adverse reactions whenever they hear the name Ron Paul are pissing me off. I mean, why do they have such a problem with Dr. Paul? Does he make too much sense? Is it the fact that even many Democrats can see themselves supporting him? From Donald Trump reporting that Ron Paul has “zero chance” of winning at CPAC, to Mark Levin getting all exasperated on his show whenever anyone mentions his name – what is it that throws the right into such paroxysms of pain? I just don’t get it – its it national security? Is it social freedoms? I mean, he is spot on on economics, which is, of course, our biggest issue. Why does no one take him seriously? If you ask me, unlike any other politician out there, Dr. Paul truly has the making of being a real post-partisan choice. Why are they so afraid of him?

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