What The Heck Is Going On With Sarah Palin?

May 17, 2011   |  
What The Heck Is Going On With Sarah Palin?

I get the distinct impression that maybe she will not be running for President. It’s a little weird, you know, I had this theory, fresh baked from the future hall of predictions, that we would see some kind of epic matchup between the aloof, cold intellectual elitist and the friendly, warm, down home populist. It’s almost movie like in its depiction of completely opposite type of person. But so far, there has been absolutely no indication that anything is going on there. Do you think she is thinking about sitting this one out? That the $1B Obama juggernaut will be unstoppable? That the new burdens that we are shouldering due to this administrations actions will be handled well enough by us that the economy may actually start to grow a little bit by the time the election rolls around next year, enough so that Obama will just be re-elected? Maybe she is just waiting for the first round to be knocked out – the herd to thin a bit – before she jumps into the fray, and gets slammed mercilessly. Either way, we need a viable alternative now, not 5 years from now. Can’t wait that long.

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