Cite The Huffington Post, I Laugh At You

May 18, 2011   |  

After the exchange I had with a co-worker regarding socialized medicine and his determination that people are never qualified to make decisions about their own health care choices, he sends me a set of three emails with links defending his position. So I thought, ok, I have an open mind, lets see what he has to say. All three of the links went to articles on the Huffington Post. I laughed. This is the second or third time that a liberal sent me links to articles on the Huffington Post presented as FACT. For some crazy reason, liberals take whatever that rag says as gospel. It’s as if a conservative always used Fox News as his or her source for proof. Come on people. Here you are, supposedly intelligent, seriously believing as fact whatever a main stream media source says, even though they are totally biased, one way or the other? This is why I fear for the future of America: if people just lap up the Huffington Post or Fox News without fact checking on their own, then what hope do we have?

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