Eat The Media: Soros Backs Most Of It

May 18, 2011   |  

It’s been recently uncovered that George Soros, the wealthy anti-capitalist American hater, has apparently been using most of his wealth in order to fund many media organizations, including ones that you would report inaccuracies in media to. At visible count, this is reviewing tax records and other public domain knowledge, he’s spent $48M so far (who knows how much more under the table). This is all in an effort to sway public opinion towards his anti-freedom, anti-capitalist views. It’s amazing how these people can reconcile the fact that they use capitalism in order to amass enough money to attempt to destroy it. Then again, these people usually don’t carry a single ethical bone in their bodies. But I digress. Not only does Soros fund news organizations, he also funds the journalism schools, ensuring that any objectivity which may have been there prior to their attendance is firmly rubbed out during their indoctrination. The original mission of reporting the facts has given way to “changing the world”, sure a fine goal, but don’t proclaim opinions facts in your zeal to do that.

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