Praise The Lord, Oprah Is Finally History

May 18, 2011   |  

Hallelujah! The long reign of queen Oprah is finally over. What shall we do without her? Hmm, maybe make some decisions on our own? Maybe instead of slavishly following this wealthy celebrity’s comings and goings, gains and losses, hanging on her every word, buying everything she ever recommends, we should go out there and THINK FOR OURSELVES. When I see the outpouring of sadness behind the end of her show, it’s all I can do to keep from railing in disgust. Wake up people. This is a shrewd, rich, businesswoman, who has manipulated you from the beginning. And you’ve been totally sucked in by her “act”, allowing yourself to give up your own ability to think and reason, and letting her do it for you. What kind of a human being are you, when you attach so much significance to someone who is nothing like you? I’m glad she’s gone, maybe her “followers” can start thinking for themselves, kind of a prerequisite for being human, don’t you think?

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