Fixing The Economy Is Simple

May 19, 2011   |  

Listen, the fact of the matter is that throughout history, one can point to the exact thing which makes an economy roar. It is a proven fact, most economists who have not been politically tainted (such as Paul Krugman) agree that it is less government intervention in an economy, not more, which will set it on fire. This administration does have the ability to do just that – all they need to do is to step out of our way, reduce both taxation and regulation, and we will take care of the rest. My sense is that that they totally know this, and either a) don’t care – they’d much prefer to champion their anti-capitalist ideology over a roaring economy or b) they are waiting for just the right moment to pull back in order to time a roaring economy for Obama’s re-election. Either way, its disgusting that they have the keys to a rapid recovery, they just refuse to use them for political reasons.

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