Obama Thrills On World Tour: You Can Have Him

May 26, 2011   |  
We Are Not Impressed

Did you see that photo of Obama and the Queen on the cover of the New York Times (no I don’t buy that rag but I did see it at the Starbucks this morning when I was getting my coffee). She looks totally unimpressed. Michelle, in her inimitable big boned way, is towering over everyone (God, who was it who said she was beautiful – he better check his meds) even Barack. But I digress. Apparently, wherever he was known to go, he was greeted by throngs of well wishers. Apparently one of the reasons he went to Ireland was to track his Irish roots – interesting that he is finally saying something about the white side of his family – typically he never mentions that practically everyone who raised him was white. Apparently his family comes from a village called Moneygall (he has the gall to take our money). But I digress. Remember when Obama spoke in Germany as a citizen of the world? Apparently, the world still loves him. So they can have him.

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