Violent Speech Against Conservative Women By Liberals Tolerated Or Encouraged

May 26, 2011   |  

Recently a supposedly news anchor or talk host – whatever – on MSNBC (you know, the Obama Network – does anyone really watch them anymore?) called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a “slut” – actually twice  -“slut” then “talk slut”. I’ll bet the miniscule liberal audience applauded. If you look around – there is a ton of evidence that its OK for a liberal to verbally abuse and insult a conservative female. Why is this kind of behavior tolerated by the left? Its actually pretty simple: they are the ones who hate. Hate runs though all liberal, socialist and progressive philosophy. They are the ones who make quotas for racial hiring, they are the ones who hate the “rich” for their achievements, they are the ones who hate the other side. They are are ones who want to treat people unequally – that requires hate. So it not a surprise when a progressive slams a conservative woman. I mean, so you see how mute they are when fundamentalist Islam slams women?

Ed Schultz suspended from MSNBC after calling Laura Ingraham a 


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