How Do You Like Him Now? Is Obama Bush III?

June 3, 2011   |  

Question: do you know how many of Bush’s policies Obama has overturned or changed since he has been in office? Remember the vow to close Gitmo? Still open. Remember the vow to post bills online for public comment for 5 days before being voted on? Happened maybe once on inconsequential bills. Remember immigration, the Patriot Act, pulling troops back from overseas? Remember how we were involved in 2 wars during George W. Bush’s term, and now we are involved in three wars (and possibly more if things keep going the way they are). Remember how Obama extended and expanded the corporate bailout programs which started as a panicked response to market changes at the end of Bush’s term. If you haven’t figured it out already, Obama is not walking much of a different path at all. Obama is basically, in most of his policies, simply continuing Bush’s legacy. So I ask you, the few liberals who read my blog – how do you like him now?

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