Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2011   |  

Yup, today is Canada Day. On this very day, instead of a revolutionary war fighting off the tyranny of an overarching state, a bunch of gentlemen sat down and penned a document, basically letting the Dominion of Canada do a few things on its own, resulting in the motto “peace and good government” Ah yes, Canada where the taxes are high and the winters are cold. Canada, where the beer is stronger (we needed to drink to kill the pain while waiting in those long lines at the hospital), the lines are longer, the portions are smaller (have you SEEN the size of the donuts at the Tim Horton’s nowadays?), everything is a lot more expensive, and everything is in English and French. Sorry, Canada, even though you spent years in school brainwashing me to think that it was and is the best place on earth, I know better now.

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