Obama IS The Barrier To Prosperity

July 19, 2011   |  

After reading and digesting all of the news over the last week, I have come to a conclusion.

Well, you may have already come to this conclusion, but I guess maybe I’m a bit slow.

First McConnell, saying that there is no way we can have a balanced budget with Obama in office, to Steve Wynn ranting about how Obama is a wet blanket on business. So it all came together for me

Obama is the single most important barrier to our prosperity. HE is the reason why the economy is in the toilet: his outright hatred of business and his completely anti-capitalist mindset keep everyone in the business community from undertaking any risks or steps to expand their businesses. The atmosphere of hate and uncertainty keeps anyone from doing anything to make things better, and no amount to berating will make any difference. HE is the reason why we can’t cut spending in order to balance our budget: the only way that he can balance the budget monster HE created in his mind is again, anti-capitalist tax increases. HE is the immovable object meeting the irresistible force.

HE is the barrier to our prosperity, and a return to the freedom we fought for 200+ years ago. And we will only see that prosperity and freedom once he is out of office.

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