Have You Seen This Bumper Sticker?

September 28, 2011   |   Tags:

A couple weeks ago I was out driving around and noticed this “turn off Fox” bumper sticker.  I thought little of it until I noticed another one…and then another one.  So I decided to see what this was all about.  I mean, I know that liberals hate Fox News, but to hate it so much that you want to go out and buy a bumper sticker about it seems excessively childish to me.

It turns out that this bumper sticker stems from an entire campaign that encourages businesses to stop playing Fox News on their public televisions.  How progressive!  An entire campaign hell-bent on silencing opposing opinions.  Isn’t it amusing how liberals love to tout about being so progressive and open minded, yet they can’t even get over one cable news network?

If you have some free time and really want a laugh, go to their website and just read some of the comments people have left on the main page.  These people are helpless!

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