What The Immigration Issue Should Be About

September 29, 2011   |  


Let’s start with what the immigration issue shouldn’t be about: security.  Every time some politician gets up on his/her high horse and starts talking about securing the borders, it’s always argued that it will somehow make us safer.  However, if the FBI’s recent arrest of Rezwan Ferdaus isn’t enough evidence that secure borders do not equal a safer America, just take a look back at the terrorist attacks of the past couple of decades.  Now tell me, how many of those attacks were perpetuated by someone here illegally?

What the immigration issue should really be about is taxation.  If President Obama wants to talk about how some people need to pay their “fair share”, how about all those people who broke the law to come in to this country and pay nothing?

The problem is that no one from the GOP wants to talk about people who should be taxed.  They know it would look bad to their constituents.  Instead, they continue to push for more security theatre and gvernment spending on walls and laws that do little to keep anyone out.

When it comes to immigration, neither party seems to have a clue.

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