Is Pollution The Same As Abortion?

October 14, 2011   |  

I typically try to stay out of the abortion argument.  Mostly because I am kind of on the fence with the whole issue, but also because it invokes far too much emotion for many people to keep their cool.  I believe their are very good arguments on both sides, but often emotions tend to make people forget about rational arguments and start making outlandish comparisons.  Take this quote from the Huffington Post for example:

Less than an hour after passing the so-called Protect Life Act to guard the unborn, the House of Representatives passed a bill that the EPA warns will kill thousands of people prematurely.”

Leave it to the Huffington Post to compare the immediate and deliberate termination of human life to pollution.  To any clear thinking individual, there is no comparison, regardless of what side of the debate you are on.

Also, if you want to convince people that the House Republicans are plotting to kill thousands of people, you might want to cite a source better than the EPA.

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