Why Horrible Teachers Rarely Get Fired

October 17, 2011   |  

I just came across this article on the Huffington Post, and was simply flabbergasted.  If your brain is too delicate for the ultra liberal nonsense of the HP I’ll sum it up for you.  An Alabama school teacher posted pictures of himself of Facebook mocking his special needs students.  And although the school district has stated that they have made the necessary response, the teacher has not been fired.

What really surprised me was not the fact that the teacher wasn’t fired (I know better than that), but all the HP commenters calling for him to be fired.  These are the same people who freak out over the so-called “attack on teachers’ unions” in Wisconsin and Ohio.  And yet, they don’t seem to realize that the teachers’ union is the reason this guy (probably) wont be fired.

I try to keep my opinions on the teachers unions to myself because in a couple of years I’ll have to be a part of one.  But I think any teacher would agree with me that these kinds of loopholes, that allow horrible people to keep their job and take taxpayer money, need to be changed.  Unless of course, they are one of those horrible teachers.

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