More Laws Would Not Have Stopped The Ohio Animal Fiasco

October 20, 2011   |  

Yesterday morning a man from Zanesville, OH released dozens of dangerous and exotic animals from his reserve, and then killed himself.  With a lack of supplies to humanely subdue the animals, the sheriff department was left with the only option of giving “shoot-to-kill” orders.  Luckily, their quick thinking resulted in no one being hurt.

Of course every event lke this needs a good scapegoat, and now blame is being thrown at Governer Kasich for not seeing the future and coming up with some sort of law that could’ve prevented all of this.  But the truth is, no law could’ve prevented this.  In fact, many of the laws on the books regarding exotic animals were being broken by the owner anyways.  But that won’t stop the do-gooders who have to have a new law every time something bad happens.

So what would new laws accomplish? Nothing at all.  Creating new laws in order to stop people from breaking the old laws makes about as much sense as lowering the speed limit in an attempt to fight speeding.

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